Ethernet vs wifi which is faster


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          Ethernet vs wifi which is faster

                Ethernet vs wifi which is faster

Some people ask me that we have to run the Internet Should we turn on hotspot or put cable ethernet? This is a very small question from whom the internet runs fast, but today we will know about it.

Firstly when Wifi came in wifi 802.11b g standard which was called.The maximum speed that used to be Used to be 54 mbps. When we look at Ethernet Their maximum speed could be up to 1000 Mbps . WIFI 54 mbps and Ethernet 1000 mbps Now there’s a lot of difference Anybody will say that Ethernet is fast But friends are no longer like this Nowadays wifi 802.11 ac standard Has come Maximum speed of up to 3200 Mbps When the Ethernet speed is seen to be 1000mbps, it is normal to see Now you will say we are fast When it is not There is a difference between theory and practical if theoretical is seen So wifi is fast But practical is to be seen if Ethernet is fast Why, so See wifi affects a lot of things Like our environment,How many radiovases are,Is a building or a tree Is affected by ok In the environment, you know that there are plenty of radio waves, then the interface is created because of them Because of which we do not get as much Speed WiFi This is going on in the air When it does not happen with ethernet.

Solid medium is going through the wire There is a lot of interference chances Even today, I will tell you if you need a stable connection Ethernet is the best option for you But there is also a lack of it You can not run away from it Can not go to the park wearing a cable in the laptop etc

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